3 Tips to Increase Your Association's Social Media Engagement

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Are you tweeting to the twitterverse with no clue who you are reaching or if they care? Do your LinkedIn posts only consist of job openings? Are the majority of your Facebook page likes from employees and their friends?

Don’t fret - this is the case for a lot of organizations and is easier to remedy than you think.

Whether you are floundering due to lack of manpower, focus or knowledge, there are really easy things you can do to impact your current social media presence. Here are 3 tips on immediately increasing your association’s social media engagement.

1. Have a plan

Most organizations set an annual marketing or communications strategy that they use throughout the year to execute against. (If not - what are you waiting for!) Oftentimes social media is simply included as a line item, or box to check off in this overall plan. That’s not enough. In order for social media to be effective, it needs it’s own strategy incorporating the unique content approach and distribution tactics required. A well crafted social media plan will include which platforms to engage, what types of content to post, frequency with which communications are sent as well as goals.

Because digital marketing and social media specifically is so easily tracked and optimized, It’s imperative that concrete achievable goals are established so that you can optimize and pivot as activity dictates. An example of a concrete goal: Increase our Twitter following by 10% over the next quarter.

2. put out information that your audience cares about

It’s easy to get in the habit of leveraging social media to promote events, news about the association, or other “about us” type of information. Sure, some of this stuff is important to communicate to members, but you won’t influence or attract with these types of content.

With social media the target is bigger than just your existing members. So speak to everyone who is listening with content that they will consume and engage with. This means posting articles about your industry, curating content from top news and industry sources, being the go-to knowledge hub for the profession, trade, or special interest that your association supports.

Social Media is a conversation. The more interesting and unique the information you put out there the more likely you will get engagement for members and non-members alike.

3. be human

People are digitally savvy. If you have auto-generated tweets or posts, they will know. While some of this may be helpful in alleviating workload for your team, be sure the majority of your content is non-bot-generated. Have a little fun with social media! Tweets and posts should have a personality - your brand personality in fact - and that should be consistent across all platforms and posts.

Also - follow your members back! This is one of the easiest and most missed opportunities for increased engagement. If your association is a live breathing entity engaging with consumers, then of course it would follow those that follow them! Not only will this increase engagement, but it will give you visibility into what your audience is interested in.

Implementing these three very simple best practices will go a long way to increasing your organization’s following and engagement. But don’t stop there! Social media is such a powerful tool - why not leverage it further? Make social media a premium distribution channel for your Inbound Marketing Strategy! Check out our eBook that will take you through 3 Secrets of Effective Inbound Marketing and get started reaching and influencing your audience in new ways today.


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Stephanie McGehee

Written by Stephanie McGehee