3 Ways Data Can Help You Be a Better Email Marketer

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 22, 2016 4:06:17 PM

Leveraging data is potentially the hot topic right now within the association space, so explaining its importance has been done by about ten conference sessions before me, right? 

So for this reason, let’s jump right into my three really easy tips you can immediately implement using the data that your wonderful Content Optimization System provides.

1. Segment Your Contact List

Would you communicate in the same way to your niece as to your cousin? I commend you for any marketing emails you produce that can successfully appeal to all masses, but they will be few and far between. It’s hard to figure out how to write to everyone, so why should you have to? Try segmenting your contact list into different groups. Once you’ve prioritized the dividing lines, (is it by age? Is it by job title?) you can then tailor your content accordingly. The added benefit is that you will have an easier time writing the email when you know who you’re writing to.

2. Resend Unopened Emails

You spend half the day writing an email that you think is brilliant, and you’re so excited for the world to read it. You go back to check the open rate, and find that you were doomed from the start; the vast majority did not even give it a chance. Start by finding out who didn’t open your message; now go ahead and resend it to them under the disguise of a different subject line. They’ll never know. You’ll always have the few who won’t open your emails no matter how hard you try, but they’re not really the ones you’re writing to, are they?

3. Run an A/B Test

Ahh, the A/B test. I recently sat next to a marketing consultant during a conference who went on an impassioned speech about how wholly used the A/B test is within the association space. If you enjoyed science class experiments back in the day, this will definitely be your thing. Essentially, you create two variations of an email, (you can consider one to be your “control group” and one your “experimental group”) and send the first version to half your contact list and the second to the other half. Your COS should have a function for this that allows you to compare results. If you have a really large correspondence list, you can run this experiment with a small percentage and then send your golden email to the rest of the list.

Want to give these a shot? Make sure you’re keeping track of the results. Find out the average open rate of emails thus far, start implementing these ideas, and test to see if your open rate increases.


Arianna Rehak

Written by Arianna Rehak