5 Ways to Incorporate Video into your Association's Content Marketing Strategy

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I’m not sure you can call video an up and comer anymore when it comes to new marketing tactics. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends research, 79% of B2B marketers and 82% of B2C marketers in North America are using some form of this tactic, so it’s more like video has taken center stage.

That may be a downfall to those new to video as content platforms become bombarded and the need now becomes to create video content that stands out against the crowd. But at the same time, this medium is applicable for almost any channel - website, blog, emails, presentations - not to mention the shareability on social channels.


So how do you tackle video and do it in a way that resonates with your customer or member? The key to video content stands in simplicity. Is it telling a story? Is it communicating information your members need? Is it done succinctly?

Here are a few ideas and examples to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to using video in your association's content strategy.

1. Live stream your events, seminars and roundtables

Now that Facebook and Instagram have jumped in, live streaming is mainstream and no longer a habit of early adopters. Have your eye out for opportunities to live stream your events and seminars. These can also be recorded videos that are later re-purposed via email for members that couldn’t attend. Even better, you can leverage these assets as products for non-members and increase your opportunities for non-dues revenue.

But don’t limit live streaming to your speakers and presentations, be sure to show off how much fun your members are having at the after parties as well!


2. Create a welcome video for new members

Everyone has a welcome email set up to blast off to members once they sign-up. What if that email also had a video message from your CEO or Director of Membership specifically telling them about the top member benefits they will now receive and how best to leverage their new membership status? Check out how the National Education Association treats it on their website. Feels a lot more personal doesn’t it?



3. Live Q&A with a subject matter expert

Q/A sessions are great opportunities to promote engagement and networking among members. Ask a subject matter expert to host a session and promote the time via your online community or email channels. Give members scheduled times to actually speak with each other. We have the technology to network even though we are in different states, let’s use it!

Also, by engaging your members for these opportunities you get to leverage their professional networks for broader awareness as they promote their own sessions.


4. Leverage your members to create testimonials 

Unlike text, video offers an opportunity to convey emotion. And there's no beter person to convey the value of membership than a member. As long as your testimonials are genuine and authentic, video is a great tactic to make them all the more powerful. These videos could be leveraged on your website and also re-purposed and shared via social media, email and shown during events. 

Don't be afraid to get specific with these videos as well. Members are a great resource to communicate specific member benefits and your value proposition without it feeling like preachy content from the organization.


5. Create How-To videos for commonly asked questions

As the hub of information for your industry, their may be some questions your staff gets asked all the time. This is prime information that can be leveraged to create your video content. The Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit is a great example. Often, attorneys are arguing in front of the appelate court for the first time and aren’t sure of what to expect. They created a video that illustrated the entire process of arguing a case in front of the 5th Circuit court of appeals, from how attorneys are notified of upcoming cases, how to get through security and even what time limits and signals they can expect to receive when presenting arguments. They then edited the video into bite-size content and promoted via their social media channels for increased engagement and awareness.


According to ReelSEO 82% of surveyed marketers said that video has had a positive impact on their business. And now that video editing software is affordable and accessible and video equipment is literally in the palm of your hand, there are more opportunities than ever to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy. Just remember, it's a PART of the WHOLE, not developed in a silo. 


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Stephanie McGehee

Written by Stephanie McGehee