What Color Should My Website’s Buttons Be? The Science of Conversion Rate Optimization

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You’ve done the marketing, and congrats!—people are coming to your website. But once they arrive, they’re not moving any further down the funnel. Sometimes, making the smallest changes on your site can have a bigger impact than you may realize. The science behind this is known as conversion rate optimization or CRO.

What is conversion rate optimization?



With plenty of definitions out there, it can be difficult to get to the bottom of conversion rate optimization and how it can help your organization turn leads into customers. Simply put, conversion rate optimization involves tracking the actions users take on your site.  With CRO, you evaluate where things might be going wrong, and how you can fix them. This can include everything from your user experience and design, to different styles of landing pages,  and even to your content copy or CTA placement, but it depends on your individual website.

Why does conversion rate optimization matter?

Marketing is nothing without metrics, and CRO helps you view exactly what’s working on your website and what isn’t.  With this data, you don’t have to wonder about why your visitors aren’t converting, you can see for yourself. One of the most well-known tools to see this info is Google Analytics. By setting up Goals and Funnels in Analytics, you can view at which point your prospects leave the process.

Does CRO work?

Research says yes, if you can identify which parts of your website are not converting and focus on those areas. A/B testing is a valuable tool to try out two different options, but if you start changing button colors willy-nilly, there’s no telling what will happen. But, by making small, incremental changes to under-performing parts of your website, you can increase your conversion rate by huge percentages.  What does this mean in the long run? CRO is the key to generating revenue from your association’s website. You have the power to increase your number of customers, which ups your profits and lets your organization grow.


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