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5 Lessons from the "Webi": Adapting for the Modern Member's Consumer Journey


Last week's webinar "Adapting for the Modern Member's Consumer Journey" took a look at how today's digital environment has impacted the consumer journey across the board. While it dove into detail in regards to the changes of the journey and how it affects associations, in this blog I'll cover a few  of the bigger takeaways from this webinar.

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What Conversion Means for Your Association

In today’s world, conversion doesn’t just refer to a religious experience. Online conversions happen any time someone performs a desired action on your website, whether that’s purchasing a product, scheduling a consultation, or filling out a form to download a piece of content.  

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How to Improve Your Conversion Rate in 2017

As people across various industries are starting to recognize the advantages of conversion rate optimization, research suggests that the best practices to improve your conversion rates will continue to grow and change in the coming years. Learn what’s new with conversion rate optimization for 2017, and see how your association can best maximize your website’s conversion rates.

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Why Community Managers Excelled in ALL High School Classes

Think back to your high school experience for a moment. How many times did you tell yourself, “I will never use this information again”? Perhaps you were staring out of the window at the time, looking yonder at all the places you’d rather be?

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Interactive Content: Why You Should Invest In It

Interactive content requires active engagement from users.

What do I mean by this? Check out this article written by HubSpot. It is a “Fact or Fiction” piece on SEO, where the results are only revealed after you’ve actively chosen one or the other. For example:
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4 Tips for Pitching Inbound Marketing to your Board

Approaching the board with a new idea can often be intimidating and nerve-wracking. At times boards consist of over 20 people who while very knowledgeable in the profession or industry your association supports, may not necessarily be knowledgeable when it comes to your specific role in the association. Marketing tends to be one of those knowledge bases where your board may be a little less informed. And so it tends to be that marketing professionals at associations need to present a compelling argument when asking for incremental budget or undertaking a new or even experimental strategy.

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3 Reasons Why Offering a Free Trial Isn't Helping Your Conversion Rate
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4 Reasons Why Your Association Needs an Inbound Marketing Agency

Most associations are adept at email marketing. A lot have even started employing marketing automation platforms to better arm their marketing teams with tools they need to optimize their email programs for better results. But there aren’t many associations leveraging the full arsenal of inbound marketing for a comprehensive content and communications strategy and their are even fewer associations taking advantage of an inbound marketing agency. Aside from the advantages of inbound marketing in general; an agency may be the secret weapon that elevates your team and gives your marketing department the boost it needs to show some major results.

Here are a few more reasons to employ an inbound marketing agency for your association:

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Why You Need a Comprehensive Conversion Plan

When marketers begin the process of improving their website’s conversion rate, they’re often excited to jump right in and start making changes to their site at once. They’ve heard about A/B testing, and they’re ready to take a risk and implement new tactics. 

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How Goals and Funnels Improve Conversion Rate Optimization

The point of conversion rate optimization is to assess where your website’s visitors are falling off the wagon—and why. While there are plenty of tools available to help you evaluate your CRO, we’ve found that several of the features in Google Analytics—the Goals and corresponding Sales Funnels options--are especially useful. Learn how setting goals and funnels helps you improve conversion rate optimization and evaluate where your visitors aren’t converting. 

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