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Discover your Member Persona in 3 Simple Steps

When it comes to developing a strong communications strategy,  there is nothing more important than understanding your audience. Besides the purpose of your organization, knowing who your prospective member is, what they value and how they interact with the world is crucial.

Now that we have data at our finger tips, there's no reason you can't easily determine your member persona. Here are three simple steps to get you there.

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3 Tips to Increase Your Association's Social Media Engagement

Are you tweeting to the twitterverse with no clue who you are reaching or if they care? Do your LinkedIn posts only consist of job openings? Are the majority of your Facebook page likes from employees and their friends?

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Does your Association Have the Grit that it takes?

Recently, I was perusing the Internet for its golden nuggets of knowledge and found an article about grit. Having also come across the concept on a podcast recently, this second run-in with the term got me thinking about how it applies to associations.

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UX Interpreted

Most marketing professionals are familiar with the term “User Experience” - or “UX” for short. Maybe you know it so well from the digital agency that keeps using it as validation for design choices, or perhaps it’s that pesky millennial digital marketing manager that uses the term in every other sentence. Either way, it is used in a broad range of contexts, and so I’ve listed 6 items here that clarify the basics of what a “UX led design” means for your website.

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How To Kick off a Conversation about your Brand

So you’re sitting at your desk every day reviewing your marketing materials and trying to find the best way to communicate to your members. Something doesn’t sit right with you.

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Infographic: Finding your purpose-driven message

One of our more popular posts was centered on how to craft and determine your purpose-driven message. We created a visual guide as a quick resource for marketers to use as a tool for self-evaluation when it comes to a for-purpose brand.

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How to Analyze your Competitors

 Take a moment and think about what your association offers your members.

Now what about other associations and online channels that compete for the attention of the same member base? Off the top of your head, can you list what they have to offer in comparison to you?

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5 Signs Your Brand Needs a Refresh

 Major brand refreshes and updates are big news in the marketing industry.

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