The Key to Inbound Marketing Campaigns: Buyer Personas

Marketing automation is meant to make things simpler. To make the outreach, lead nurturing and buyer journey intuitiive and automatic - set it and forget it! Right!?!

Well...not really. Sometimes organizations are so consumed in getting the tactical and technical set up complete, they forget about the strategy! Marketing automation is great - but it's a tool for implementing smart marketing  - not a substitute for strategic thinking.   When you start creating your inbound marketing campaign, you don't want to miss out on key steps in your strategic planning.  What's the one thing many marketers don't put enough time into?

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How To Use Keyword Research to Boost Association Marketing

When your association starts creating content, you should be thinking about how that content can provide valuable info to your members, but also how it can help you get noticed. 

One of the main goals of writing content is to generate high Search Engine Optimization or SEO scores, so when people type questions into search engines, your organization is at the top of the list of the answers that pop up.  But how do you know what people are searching for? And what’s going to give the biggest bang for your buck?

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A Lesson in Association Marketing: 6 Steps to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter: it’s generally informal, fast-paced, and full of brief snapshots of information. For many associations, capitalizing on this platform can seem daunting, even though social media is increasingly becoming a useful tool in association marketing. 

When you think about it, increasing your Twitter followers is a lot like growing a garden. While it may take hard work at first, your end result will be worth the effort. Just like with your garden, it's important to continually cultivate your Twitter presence in order to reach new audiences and expand your visibility. 

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Discover your Member Persona in 3 Simple Steps

When it comes to developing a strong communications strategy,  there is nothing more important than understanding your audience. Besides the purpose of your organization, knowing who your prospective member is, what they value and how they interact with the world is crucial.

Now that we have data at our finger tips, there's no reason you can't easily determine your member persona. Here are three simple steps to get you there.

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5 Ways to Incorporate Video into your Association's Content Marketing Strategy

I’m not sure you can call video an up and comer anymore when it comes to new marketing tactics. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends research, 79% of B2B marketers and 82% of B2C marketers in North America are using some form of this tactic, so it’s more like video has taken center stage.

That may be a downfall to those new to video as content platforms become bombarded and the need now becomes to create video content that stands out against the crowd. But at the same time, this medium is applicable for almost any channel - website, blog, emails, presentations - not to mention the shareability on social channels.

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Inbound Marketing for Associations: 7 Myths...Busted

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change."

 --Charles Darwin

Change is hard. But change is good. As the modern member changes, so must the way we engage them. Inbound marketing offers a unique opportunity to change the way associations engage with their members as well as their prospective members. It is one marketing strategy that when implemented sees positive return across multiple business segments, yet it’s it has been slow to be adopted across the association industry.

Here are some of the most common myths we hear in regards to inbound marketing from association executives and a few ideas to combat those objections.

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The Biggest Misconception of Online Community Platforms

Did you know that some of the big brands that tried to establish online communities had budgets within the millions?

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5 Lessons from Our Inbound Webinar

Last Wednesday, we held a webinar on why inbound marketing matters for your association with our own Inbound Consultant Dave Martin, the current CMO of Aptify. Check out a recording of the webinar here.

We’ve identified 5 key lessons you can take away from the webinar to improve your association’s marketing and boost your reach.

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4 Steps to Implementing Inbound

If you’ve decided to implement the inbound methodology for your association’s marketing, you’ve got an exciting journey ahead of you! It’ll be a lot of work on the part of both you and your team, and the move away from status quo will come with its set of challenges. It’ll all be worth it though once you start seeing results. Let’s take a look at the first steps leading up to implementation:

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4 Reasons to be Thankful for Communities this Thanksgiving

Life is good, isn’t it? There are so many things to be thankful for, and this week gives us the chance to reflect on them. What comes to mind first are the meaningful relationships you have, right? Your friends. Your family.

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