The Key to Inbound Marketing Campaigns: Buyer Personas

Marketing automation is meant to make things simpler. To make the outreach, lead nurturing and buyer journey intuitiive and automatic - set it and forget it! Right!?!

Well...not really. Sometimes organizations are so consumed in getting the tactical and technical set up complete, they forget about the strategy! Marketing automation is great - but it's a tool for implementing smart marketing  - not a substitute for strategic thinking.   When you start creating your inbound marketing campaign, you don't want to miss out on key steps in your strategic planning.  What's the one thing many marketers don't put enough time into?

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Marketing Automation vs. Inbound Marketing: Demystifying Two Marketing Buzzwords for Associations

Buzzwords are a dime a dozen when it comes to digital marketing these days. Influencers, Social Media Listening, KPIs, SEO, Contextual Marketing, Content Marketing...who can see through the jargon and understand what we are actually talking about! Have no fear though, today we will attempt to demystify two of these buzzwords, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing.

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