How To Use Keyword Research to Boost Association Marketing

When your association starts creating content, you should be thinking about how that content can provide valuable info to your members, but also how it can help you get noticed. 

One of the main goals of writing content is to generate high Search Engine Optimization or SEO scores, so when people type questions into search engines, your organization is at the top of the list of the answers that pop up.  But how do you know what people are searching for? And what’s going to give the biggest bang for your buck?

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A Sneak Peak Into the Keyword Research Thought Process

When I first learned about keyword research, the concept was described to me as, “figuring out what people are typing into google and then writing content that speaks to it.” It was vague.

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5 Great Tools for Inbound Marketers on a Budget

The internet is this beautiful behemoth of content marketing resources, and that’s good news for your inbound efforts. Of course, they are not all created equal, and you need to spend valuable time with these tools before deciding whether they are actually helping you.

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